School Funding 101

Session 1 of 7, School Funding 101, will provide attendees with an introduction to school funding structures, including what goes in, what comes out, and why it matters. Additionally, attendees will learn how state education funding formulas compare across the country, and several ways to evaluate their adequacy and fairness. This session will lay a foundation for future Dollars and Sense sessions, ensuring attendees can examine the many dimensions of school funding in Tennessee. Learn More >

DLC Coffee Chat: Organizing and Analyzing Diverse Learner Data

After teaching a lesson and administering an assessment, then what? How can you take the information you've gathered and analyze it effectively? Join us as we review methods for organizing data, identifying trends, and determining next steps so that you can use your data to improve your diverse learners' outcomes. Learn More >

Political Reality: What are the politics at play?

Zoom Virtual Meeting

Session 2 of 7 will provide attendees with an understanding of the national and state actors, constituencies and policies at play in education finance. We’ll discuss the role of different sectors, governmental agencies and litigation in the school funding landscape in Tennessee. Learn More >

Cracking the Code: Tennessee’s BEP Funding Formula

Session 3 will provide attendees with a close examination of the Basic Education Program (BEP), including its history, structure, how it works in practice and its impact on key drivers like salaries and staffing, instructional programs and learning supports for students. We’ll discuss how the BEP funds and impacts rural and urban districts, and the challenges local counties face in funding the remainder of district needs. Learn More >

DLC Coffee Chat: Successful Student Transitions

Zoom Virtual Meeting

For the next two weeks, we'll focus on closing out the year as a special education or EL case manager. This time, we'll focus on tips, strategies, and tools for ensuring students are set up for success with their next case manager. Specifically, we'll dive into a resource you can use to share information with future teams. Learn More >

DLC Coffee Chat: Determining EOY Student Progress

Zoom Virtual Meeting

Join us for 15 minutes of topical learning while you drink your morning coffee; stick around with questions if you have them! As part of our case manager closeout series, we'll be focusing on determining and communicating student progress data at the end of the year. We'll share a tool we love to use for this purpose and how you can adapt it for use with your own caseload. Learn More >

Tennessee 2021 Legislative Wrap Up

Zoom Virtual Meeting

Join The Education Trust in Tennessee for a legislative wrap up webinar. We will provide advocates with the opportunity to discuss key education-related bills considered and passed during the 2021 session of the 112th General Assembly. We will offer opportunities to engage with a panel of legislative leaders from both sides of the aisle who are central to the policymaking process at the State Capitol. Learn More >

What are the Stakes?

Session 4 of 7 will provide attendees with an understanding of the latest research on the impact of school funding on achievement, student outcomes and economic mobility. We’ll also take a look at the impact of COVID-19 and the recession on state and local budgets, and the potential for long-term effects. Learn More >

Investing in America’s Children: How relief funding is investing in kids’ futures


The pandemic has led to increased childhood hunger and disrupted early learning opportunities for kids as many providers and programs have permanently closed. Thankfully, federal stimulus legislation and the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) provided urgent relief to address this crisis for kids and families. This is only the first step towards achieving solutions that could improve kids' health and wellbeing. Learn More >

#CriticalConversations: How limiting conversations about race and bias will impact Tennessee’s classrooms

Zoom Virtual Meeting

Join The Education Trust in Tennessee for a webinar on the recently passed legislation, which bans critical conversations about systemic oppression and racism in Tennessee’s classrooms. We will provide advocates with the opportunity to hear from an expert panel on what this ban may mean for Tennessee’s teachers and students. Learn More >

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