TN Education Advocacy Training 101

Zoom Virtual Meeting

What's the difference between all of the state agencies dealing with education? When does the General Assembly meet each year? What legislative committees have jurisdiction over education issues? Where can I locate bill language? How can I get in touch with my state elected officials? Come explore these questions and more at The Education Trust in Tennessee's Education Advocacy Training 101. Learn More >

Tennessee School Funding Advocacy Bootcamp


The Education Trust in Tennessee will host a School Funding Bootcamp for advocates prior to the reconvening of the 112th General Assembly. Attendees will learn about 1) the basics of school funding 2) the BEP formula 3) potential equity-centered funding solutions and 4) how to advocate successfully on what is needed for Tennessee's students. Learn More >

TN25: Mapping Our Future Together Report Release

Zoom Virtual Meeting

Tennessee is at an important crossroads – with a momentous opportunity before us. The COVID-19 crisis disrupted education for all students, but has hit certain students the hardest — the same students who were chronically underserved in Tennessee even before the crisis took hold, due to race, socioeconomic status, or geography. Join the TN Alliance for Equity in Education as we release our report, TN25: Mapping Our Future Together. Learn More >

Coffee & Community: Tennessee Public Charter School Commission (Alliance Members Only)

Zoom Virtual Meeting

The TPCSC was established in 2019 to serve as an authorizer for charter school operators who file for appeals for new start, revocation, and renewals, and to serve as an authorizer to any charter schools when appeals are granted. At this C&C event, we will have an intimate conversation with two of the Commission's leaders to learn more about the composition, role, and authority of TPCSC, and what issues and priorities they will be taking on in their upcoming quarterly meeting and in 2022. Learn More >

Exploring Race & Gender in Teacher Observation Scores

Zoom Virtual Meeting

The Education Trust in Tennessee, The Tennessee Educators of Color Alliance, and the Tennessee Education Association invite you to a webinar to learn about new research by the Tennessee Education Research Alliance (TERA) at Vanderbilt University’s Peabody College that reveals that Black and male teachers in Tennessee have received lower observation scores than White and female teachers every year since the state’s evaluation system began in 2011. Even when comparing similarly qualified teachers who perform the same according to other metrics, such as their value-added to student achievement, gaps among race and gender remain. Learn More >

The Debate Over Critical Race Theory and What Students Can Do

Zoom Virtual Meeting

The EmpowerED Network invites students from across Tennessee to a two-part series to learn about the raging national debate over Critical Race Theory in schools. Part 1 focused on equipping students with an understanding of the current and proposed laws that ban certain concepts in classrooms in Tennessee. Part 2 will now focus on how students can take action! Learn More >

Helping Students Get Ready for College: The A-6 Framework

In this first session of our Thrive College Access Seminar Series, attendees will learn about the research behind student success in getting to and through college. Dr. Jack Schmit from Indiana University will share the 6 components of student success, known as the A6 Framework, and strategies to help organizations, schools or programs identify, organize and mobilize to implement them. Learn More >

Analyzing TISA: A Dollars and Sense Guide to the Proposed Formula

Zoom Virtual Meeting

The Tennessee General Assembly will take up the Tennessee Investment in Student Achievement (TISA) this session - the proposed funding formula for K-12 education that will replace the BEP. Join us to learn about the different components of the bill, see our analysis and learn about ways to share your perspective with policymakers. Learn More >

The Real Cost of College – Thrive

Zoom Virtual Meeting

The details of college costs can be overwhelming, and they are further complicated by confusing and complex aid and scholarship applications and programs. Join Bob Obrohta, Executive Director of the TN College Access and Success Network, as he walks through how to interpret the real costs of college and how to advocate for special circumstances for students. Learn More >

How the CRT debate and the culture wars impact students in Tennessee

Across the country, new laws targeting critical race theory and debated books are influencing the small but pivotal decisions educators make every day: how to answer a student’s question, what texts to read as a class, how to prepare for a lesson. Join Chalkbeat Tennessee and the Education Trust in Tennessee for a panel discussion with students and educators. Learn More >

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