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Tennessee is at an important crossroads – with a momentous opportunity before us. The COVID-19 crisis disrupted education for all students, but has hit certain students the hardest — the same students who were chronically underserved in Tennessee even before the crisis took hold, due to race, socioeconomic status, or geography. 

Education leaders across Tennessee are making plans to address the impact of COVID on students and schools, and will allocate over $4 billion dollars in federal and state aid to help close the gaps that were only made worse by the pandemic. 

These funds must be spent by January of 2025.

We believe it’s time to start mapping our future together and want to know what you think:

  • What do you believe should be true about education in Tennessee by 2025?
  • How can we create meaningful and lasting change in our districts and schools?

Take the survey to help us answer these questions. We’ll compile and share what we hear with policymakers and education leaders, offering recommendations and setting ambitious goals. It’s time to map our future together and ensure we make the most of this moment in our history.

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