1. Student weighted funding formulas are designed to be more flexible and transparent because an individual student receives funding for resources rather than a ratio. See the question under ‘Personnel’ for more information on possible restrictions to the base funding for teacher salaries. TISA eliminates the three-category spending scheme in BEP and makes all core formula funds fully flexible across use categories.
  2. Under TISA, LEAs are required to submit an annual accountability report with goals, budget, student achievement, and progress.
  3. Additionally, any school district or public charter with D or F on State Report Card may report to State Board or appointed committee on budget and student outcomes with potential outcomes below. TNSBE will promulgate rules on the process.
    1. LEA completes corrective action plan, and TDOE reports to the State Board
    2. TDOE audits and investigates district or public charter school’s programming and spending and reports it  to the State Board
    3. No recommended action
  4. Additionally, TISA sets a goal for each LEA to increase 15% towards an overall 70% 3rd-grade ELA TCAP proficiency over three years and creates a Progress Review Board that may recommend an LEA complete additional training for not meeting the goal.