1. According to TDOE at the K-12 Subcommittee Hearing (3/8/22), the TISA proposal includes direct funding for K-3 students, which is aimed at literacy, but it is subject to TDOE rulemaking.
  2. The direct funding for rising 4th-grade literacy tutoring for students who score ‘below’ on TCAP is likely connected to the Learning Loss Remediation and Student Acceleration Act from the January 2021 Special Session. This law required students who score ‘below’ and ‘approaching’ on the 3rd-grade ELA TCAP to participate in camps and/or tutoring to be promoted, but they still must demonstrate adequate growth on the 4th-grade ELA TCAP. For more information, see the TN Alliance for Equity in Education’s memo examining the retention specific elements of the law.
  3. Note: Approved Senate Amendment 16479 & House Amendment 16859: added students who score ‘approaching’.