Our Diversity.
The Alliance includes organizations from across Tennessee that represent different constituencies, focus on different issues in education and social policy, and bring a range of perspectives on educational issues. Our membership will include organizations (allies) as well as individuals who want to sign on as members. We will center the experiences of communities of color, low-income communities and Tennesseans whose voices are missing in decision-making in education.

Our Authenticity and Credibility
Many of our allies and members work with historically underserved students, families and communities, as well as educators across the state. Our allies will bring deep knowledge on the issues we advocate for, as well as strong connections to the people and communities most directly impacted by the policies we discuss.

Our Capacity to Act
Our allies will bring a wide range of expertise to the table, including organizing and serving students, parents and communities, running advocacy campaigns, or leveraging deep policy knowledge and strong community relationships. The Education Trust in Tennessee, which serves as the Alliance’s convener and backbone organization, brings a respected education justice reputation and more than two decades of advocacy experience, content expertise and analytic capacity.