1. During the Senate Ed Subcommittee Hearing (3/14/22), Senator and Minority Leader Jeff Yarbro (D-Nashville) asked if TDOE would be willing to share the numerical calculations of everything in the base.  TDOE uploaded two documents, Mapping the Proposed TISA Base and Establishing the Base, but it is still subject to appropriations.
  2. During the  K-12 Subcommittee Hearing (3/8/22),  Representative Harold Love (D-Nashville) asked for numerical clarification on Metro Nashville Public Schools’ allocation for level 5 Unique Learning Needs. TDOE shared that they will follow up on the calculation. The department posted a crosswalk document that includes a note on the student counts and assumptions informing the ULN projections.
  3. Using TDOE data, the Sycamore Institute found TISA is unlikely to grow the statewide total for mandatory local spending over the next decade and, compared to the BEP, could require fewer district-level increases.