1. Approved House and Senate Amendment 1 introduces a TISA Review Committee, similar to the current BEP Review Committee, which reviews TISA annually with a report and and feedback.
  2. TNSBE, as a result of amendments, will issue a positive, neutral, or negative recommendation on outcomes, direct, ULN weights, and rulemaking.
  3. The TN General Assembly can still amend the legislation in future sessions, and will need to appropriate funds annually, similar to the BEP.
  4. LEAs will have an opportunity to give feedback on TISA to TDOE and Comptroller.
  5. TDOE must competitively procure and offer TISA professional development to various stakeholders.
  6. Comptroller’s OREA will provide TISA report and recommendations to TNGA by 12/31/24.
  7. There are multiple parts of the legislation that are subject to TDOE rulemaking (e.g., Unique Learning Needs, direct funding, outcomes funding). All rulemaking must be approved by the TNGA’s Government Operations Committee.
  8. TDOE must convene stakeholders to advise on outcomes funding (previously used ‘may’ language in the first amendment). Approved House and Senate Amendment 1 established a more formal list of stakeholders to include.