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In early February, Governor Lee will deliver his annual State of the State address and unveil his priorities for the year and his recommendations for the 2024 – 2025 budget. Tennessee’s budget is one of the most significant pieces of public policy our governor and the Tennessee General Assembly tackle each year. Yet understanding what’s in it, why it matters, and how it works can be a challenge. Join The Education Trust – Tennessee to reflect on Governor Lee’s budget and the important education implications it has for our students and schools communities.

This session will be led by policy expert Mandy Spears, Deputy Director of The Sycamore Institute, an independent nonpartisan Public Policy Research Center that works to help Tennesseans understand the complex issues impacting our state by providing accessible, reliable data and research. Each year, the Sycamore Institute conducts a thorough analysis of Tennessee’s budget, seeking to support stakeholders to understand where money comes from, where it goes, and what factors influence its flow through the state. Advocates will leave this session with resources and a better understanding of Tennessee’s budget content, how the budget process works, and how the budget will impact our education system this upcoming year.

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