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This training will seek to equip community leaders to better engage with others on topics of immigration.

Transformative Conversations will present on TIRRC’s findings from a cutting edge public opinion and messaging study conducted in 2018, that utilized deep canvassing to identify what moves conflicted individuals towards favorable and supportive views of immigration.  In collaboration with UCLA and Berkley, we surveyed voters to measure the effects deep canvassing has on both people’s opinion on immigration policy and implicit bias.  The results showed overwhelmingly that deep canvassing not only moves voters at their door towards more supportive views of immigrants, but also that this movement is lasting.

Even if you’re not canvassing door to door, you can learn to be a deep canvasser in your own life and everyday interactions.  Join us to learn how to better navigate difficult conversations with others in a more productive and effective manner.

There are two upcoming opportunities to join: December 7 @ 6 PM CST and December 8 @ 12 PM CST.

If you are unable to attend this date, but are interested in future trainings, please reach out to deepcanvassing@tnimmigrant.org directly.

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