Tennessee Education Advocacy Hub

Statewide education policies affect millions of students, families, and communities and have a critical and far-reaching impact on educational equity and justice. That’s why legislative advocacy is a core function of our work in the Tennessee Alliance for Equity in Education.

The following tools are designed to help stakeholders effectively advocate for education justice in the state of Tennessee using multi-faceted advocacy strategies. We are excited to continue bridging policy and community to inform policy decisions that expand educational equity and opportunity.

How a Bill Becomes a Law in Tennessee

Knowledge is power and to be an effective advocate, we must first understand the political ecosystem, where the power lies and the policy levers at play. This resource provides an overview of the legislative process in Tennessee and highlights the important role of advocacy each step along the way.

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Guide to Public Offices in Tennessee

Ever wonder how decisions related to K-12 and postsecondary education are made? From the Governor’s office to local school boards, public offices play a major role in shaping education in Tennessee. This resource will help deepen advocates’ understanding of the Tennessee public offices that impact our state’s education budget, operations, and decision-making.

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Guide to Building Your Advocacy Strategy

Sometimes the hardest part of advocacy is knowing where to start. This resource, adapted from the Center for Evaluation Innovation’s Advocacy Strategy Framework, provides a simple way to identify effective advocacy tactics for your organization’s desired outcomes.

Advocate Like a Pro

Education Issue Tracking

Learning how education policy gets done is half the battle. The next step is getting smart on the education issues themselves. Take a deep-dive into some of the issues currently on our radar.

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Power Mapping

You’ve learned from other resources about the legislative process, Tennessee public offices, and advocacy tactics. But how do you decide who has power to move your advocacy campaign forward? Who might oppose your plan or fall in a neutral stance who could be brought over to your side? This resource will help grow your capacity to answer those questions to effectively influence a specific issue.

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