American Library Association, 8/1/23

Acting upon a resolution submitted by the Tennessee Association of School Librarians (TASL) the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) formally commends Limitless Libraries. The partnership is one of twenty outstanding programs, events, and products recognized in 2023 for their support of the school librarian profession and the learners the profession serves. Limitless Libraries is a partnership between Nashville Public Library and Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools whose goal is to improve student success by enhancing school libraries. The partnership shares resources; and provides access to high quality books, online resources, and other learning material. It is recognized for expanding access to books, materials, and online resources. “Since 2009, Limitless Libraries has been an essential partner of Metro Nashville Public Schools in increasing access to resources,” said Katelyn Jernigan, TASL President. “They support the school librarians with funds, collection development, resource training, professional development, and more. TASL has many MNPS librarians that have personally benefited from their services and they wanted to thank Limitless Libraries for their hard work and commitment to making library access easier for all students. I believe that Limitless Libraries is the model for school library and public library partnerships, and I hope someday there will be programs like this all over the country.”